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Summertime Saga is an explicit dating simulator and visual novel style game for mobile and PC. It’s fun to play but could be difficult at times especially in the parts where you need to complete some tasks.

 Most of this game is about interacting with the different characters available in this game, dialogues are the main way to get hints about what you need do next. Even when the character you are playing is just talking to himself, but still pay attention and act on any hints you get.

Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga the best Adult game

Game’s storyline starts as follows, the male protagonist as he tries to find the truth behind his father’s death while struggling in school, his financial conditions, and also trying to get a date.

File Info

App Name Summertime Saga
File Type APK
Size 7.4MB
Version 14.5
Status Modded Games
OBB Data Built-in in APK file
Root Not Required
Downloads 7,383,300

Summertime Saga Mod Apk Download

Develop romantic relationships with many of the characters from Summertime Saga. The summertime saga is an adult android game its mod version and you can date with any girl without any hassle.

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Summertime saga
Summertime saga Mod apk download and play game to date with any girl
  • Go different location and tap or click on various things for interaction : Visit different locations on the map, and look around for objects you can interact with additional screens after any object interactions to explore. Things you can click on will become highlighted when you hover your finger or cursor over them, so check all over the places.
  • Come back at night or the next day : Revisiting a character or location at a different time of the particular day to see if anything changes. There are big differences to happen when you visit or interact with things between daytime and nighttime.
  • you should also pay attention to the changes between morning and afternoon. Check different locations at a different time to see if anything has changed based on the day of the week or other events you have completed.
  • Come back with money : The solution to many of the game is to buy a thing from the mall, and that means you’re going to have to take on some jobs. You will be working on your Diane’s Garden Minigame for $90 per mini-game.
Summertime Saga
Download Mod apk and play game
  • But over the summer, you can develop your relationship with Diane to get a raise or invest $500 in a delivery bike so you can work for the pizzeria. Till the very last stages of the game you will always need money for everything, if you are having any free time in the game, say morning or afternoon, go earn some money.
  • Level up your stats Common obstacles in this game will be low stats. To increase your strength, get a spotting buddy and lift weights at the gym.
  • To increase your dexterity, go to the gym and learn techniques from Master Somrak’s (Old Chinese Guy in the Gym) instructions.
  • To earn charisma, complete rap battles in the park at night. And to increase your IQ, you can play the Maze Runner game on your computer in your bedroom.
  • All in all, this game is pretty interesting, according to gamers and IGN this is the best 18+ Game available in the market. Also, follow its official website or facebook page for upcoming updates and download it.
  • You can keep up all your trouble and install the Summertime Saga MOD APK for Android for all levels and items unlocked.


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